Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine from a Princess

   The day began so simple, but ended so special. First Missy was sleeping by the front door and that means that brother Mac was by her side. The day was sunny for winter and warm on the pink bed and just as she was closing her eyes for a little nap --- a strange man walked up to the front door and rang the bell.
   Mac jumped up and down and barked to alert mother, Missy ran up the steps in the hall to be safe and bark from a distance. The man just stood there waiting for mom to come to the door. Mac was jumping higher and higher and drooling from the mouth. He was going to rip that man right off the porch, throw him over the banister and down into the pit that surrounds the house. It was going to be bad, really bad.
   Mommy came running into the hallway and told Mac to calm down and Missy to stay where she was on the step. Then she talked to the man through the window. He was trying to deliver a package for Auntie Cheryl and wanted to leave it by the door. When mom opened the door there was the package and a card dropped on the floor.
   The card had golden writing on it and looked very important with a crest an all. "Its addressed to Missy", mommy said. Missy came down a few stairs and smelled the card and asked mommy to open it up.
   Mommy used a silver knife to slip through the envelop top and tear it open. She then carefully pulled out the card and read it to Missy -
   "Oh Missy, its from Princess Gwenie, your friend from Twitter and she is sending you the prettiest Valentine from the is it pretty...look, it looks just like you in a pretty rose sparkle dress" Missy smelled the card and smiled, she had gotten her first Valentine of the year and it was from her good friend Gwenie. Gwenie lives in a castle in the desert and she knows all about fashion, food and good times. She's a shes a corgi just like the Queen's dogs - but twice as royal.

Mommy took the card and put it on the front greeting table so everyone could see it and Missy has the prettiest Valentine of all Gwenie's subjects in the land. Great Day!


  1. Missy, your Mum is so sweet to write that! Love you & Mummy! P.G.

  2. Awww dat is so very special - a valentine from a princess. It must be cuz you are a princess too.

  3. Looks like a very special Valentine for you!