Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brothers - Boy! by Missy

At Christmas I thought that Spring would never come. My brother Mac is an outside dog and to get him off my turf by the front door -window pillow or daddy's lap you have to have no rain. Now, no rain is not easy in the northwest. Even on a blue sky day...rain clouds can blow by and dump sprinkles and Mac is very sensitive if he smells rain, he is back in the house.

But yesterday the miracle happened. I was out with Mac in the back yard and there it was....a bulb coming into bloom. It was tiny, just up and breaking into a buttercup yellow drop. I smelled it and it hit me. Spring!

I know, I know there are gray skies out there...but when you see a bulb the next thing is the trees bloom and then the sun starts to come out more and more. Some times the sky actually warms and before you know it Mac is out the door and in the backyard more and more each day.

Our new neighbor Bailey, a very nice guy, is also a backyard kid so Mac is enjoying his time outside more than ever before. They just go to our mutual fence and talk to each other. You know "shoot the breeze" so to speak. So, that means I am almost in the peace time of the year.

When Mac is outside he is not here to share little tidbits that dad gives out when he has lunch. Mac misses the whole production of daddy going out to the mailbox and so I am usually chosen to escort him for safety purposes. I also get to watch mom go up and down the stairs to the office and be by her feet in case she has time to drop a small treat on the floor. There are tweets to send and cards to send out to my Twitter friends. There's online shopping to do to buy Hello Kitty stuff, like my new Tshirt and new toys to mull over. There are girl friends to call on my cell and doggie blogs to read --- all without interruption from brother. 

Mac carefully resting in the grass or digging (a very small) hole in the yard means that March can be filled with shopping trips with Auntie Cheryl and cookie baking with mommy. Its a good life in the Spring for a fluffy dog with her brother out of the house.

Oh Mac will come in every once in a while. He rarely goes a whole hour without finding mommy for a hug. He is a bit of a sissy with that sort of thing. He acts all huffy and tough around peeps and other dogs, but you should see him kissing up mommy when he's lonely. Geesh.

And even though he would never admit it...sometimes he joins me in a sunspot on our mini couch pillow by the front window. Its big enough for both of us to share and if no one is when they go out and we are all might catch me and Mac curled up together. Well we never actually touch, we just come really close and know that we are not alone. I mean a brother has to be good for something, right?

Happy Spring, and if you have a brother that happens to be a terrier -- happy peace with them in the backyard! Your friend and offical Pink Pup, @MissBusyBiz


  1. Ahhh - there are little tiny signs everywhere dat spring might come afterall. I can't wait for windows to be open so I can watch birdies.

  2. A bulb?! You mean spring's really gonna come this year?! Oh, I hope it hurries!

  3. Loved the post. A true assurance that there IS spring at the end of the tunnel! Fluffs, Niqqi