Saturday, April 9, 2011

Missy's Birthday Tea Pawty

"My birthday last year was great but lonely...only Hello Kitty came"
   OH boy, mother is going to bake up goodies for my birthday Tea Party and you are invited! I just love parties and I really love tea Dollie always joins me, too. This year, I want a fun party and you are invited. I really want to share my birthday celebration with all the anipals that have birthdays in May...and...this is important --> all the adopted anipals that don't have a known birthday date.
    Please ask them to adopt my birthday time and come and join me in a birthday celebration each year. I already have a few adopted pups and cool cats that are sharing my birthday. This way...we all have our special day together...for fun.
   This is going to be a party that we all join in together...and drink tea, eat treats...and maybe have a few bacon beers (served in tea cups) just to celebration the day. PAWTY...PAWTY...PAWTY
   Have you joined an anipal pawty before? Well its a see you just go to and click on the PARTY BUTTON then you click on the HASHTAG #MayTpawty and then add your own @name and you will then be inside the pawty with us all. You will see two is your tweets and the mentions that just belong to you. The other is the pawty and all the anipals that have joined it. It is so much fun. You have to have the security on your twitter account off (some anipals protect their tweets) this is turned off so you can SEE and have fun at the party...after you turn it back on again if you want extra safe tweets. this date
May 6th, Friday
4-7PM eastern time US...
That means the UK and the Westcoast can all pawty too!
To RSVPjust click this

The tweet invite site will put your name on the list for the makes it more fun to know who is coming...
OK now you have the how to's---the party ---the day ---the time---the RSVP page
All you have to do is be there with us..please come...lets blow the socks off and just enjoy being friends together!

You can bring your dollie to the Tea Pawty but your mother has to stay in the Green Room with all the other mothers...we will have a wine bar and chocolate to keep them busy...but the pawty is just for us anipals...

I am so excited...Oh, by the way...if you want to give gifts...just do me a favor and donate to your fav charity in honor of anipals that need their own forever homes and wonderful twitter friends.

   Please spread the word- I want all anipals to have a birthday time that is fun and special just for them. If you know an adopted pet...bring them along and honor them for their special day each year.

Thanks for all you do for me....I am so the way...the #Pink Pups (my bestest friends) will be pouring tea and @SnowyWestie will do the security...the pawty will be safe and sound for us all. Missy
PS: I hope to be surrounded by gentleman callers ;O
"Pinkies Up"


  1. I'm sure going to try to come Missy. Sometimes my peeps go out to eat on a Friday nite, but if they is home, I'll be there. Will be so fun.

  2. I'll also do my best to attend, as I am after all an honorary #Pink Pup - and a gentleman caller. ; )

  3. Missy this photo of you will end up on my blog .... I guarantee it ... Just like Men's Warehouse

  4. My birthday is the end of May ... I am hoping for ribs and a subscription to 'Homes & gardens'

  5. PepiSmartDog: What a wonderful Pawty idea !! I will try my best to be there too (I'll look up time zones thingy's). XXXX